"SMILE® has helped thousands of users in Long Term care Communities to engage residents, families, caregivers and staff"


The team at Commonwealth Assisted Living spent 3 months reviewing  several products and found none of them to be even close to SMILE®.  It was clear that the creators of SMILE® understood the operations of Assisted Living communities. We are very happy with our decision to have chosen SMILE® for our Commonwealth communities.


From initial training to ongoing supportive the team at SMILE® are “first class.”  The combination of professional calendars for all our communities created in minutes combined with the analytics for corporate to manage programs across multiple communities is a great value to us.


Bernadette Cavis,

Vice President, Resident Programs,

Commonwealth Assisted Living

SMILE® best matched what we were looking for, a platform that could track activity and engage with families. Smile® efficiently expands that engagement to Directors of Recreational Services and staff as well


Rachel Helfand, AP-BC, CADDCT, CDP

Director of Program Development & Training

Spring Hills Senior Communities

At Senior Housing, we really believe in rolling out the red carpet for our residents. We want our residents to feel special and engaged in our vibrant activities. We also want our families to be engaged with their loved ones.


We are delighted that the SMILE® program allows us to fulfill these multiple objectives effectively. Our long association with the SMILE® program has been very beneficial to our residents, staff, and families. At corporate, the dashboards and analytics gives us an overview that greatly helps in our program management across all our communities.


Allison Law

VP of Operations

Senior Housing Management

At Holy Cross Village, the activity logs and STAR report have really changed how I communicate with families. Formerly, during a care plan meeting I would verbally tell families what their loved one was doing based off handwritten logs we took. With the SMILE® program, I can present them with a professional looking pie chart and spreadsheet. It lends credence to what is verbally being said and reflects nicely on what Life Enrichment is doing.


Families who were accustom to how things used to be done are impressed with the STAR report and activity log. The level of professionalism it adds is an invaluable tool. I am now able to easily share information about how our residents are doing on the various dimensions of wellness programs - mind, body, and spirit - and they love it!


Kelli Oldfield

Life Enrichment Coordinator

Holy Cross Village at Notre Dame

We are currently utilizing SMILE® to track the participation of activities in all our Assisted Living communities at Sprenger Health Care Systems.  I am most excited about the analytics within the program and the insight provided to encourage best practice across all our communities.


We can look at the activities offered and the participation levels at the individual level, community level and for the entire enterprise.  It is our goal at SHCS to see a balance of activities offered and increased participation.  We have recently opened up the communication with the families in a few of our communities which has also been well received.


Scott Magers

Director of Clinical Outcomes,

Sprenger HealthCare

Smile® is senior living communities' future. The time savings was why I promoted Smile® so heavily. Smile® has made my life simpler. It allows me more time to develop programs for my residents or to actually be on the floor.


Robin Wolfe

Director of Recreational Services

Spring Hills Senior Communities

The Smile® system has provided team members with the tools to have more interaction and accurate information to share with family members.   We can now see if there has been a change in resident participation levels as well as attendance.  It has integrated seamlessly into our system with Masterpiece Living where we celebrate the 4 components of wellness including Spiritual, Social, Intellectual and Physical.   With Smile® we see what a resident may prefer and identify wellness areas that would be beneficial to encourage participation in as we provide wellness coaching.  The added bonus is that we are paper free with quick access to resident preferences and trends.


Everyone on the CarexTech® team is highly responsive to suggestions and questions.   The team listened to our requests for changes to the system and made them as able.   Their patience in training the team members in group and 1:1 sessions has been appreciated.   We could not ask for better customer service!


Alicia Fenstermacher


Corporate Director of Community Life,

Presbyterian Senior Living


CarexTech’s Smile® Platform Increases Efficiency For New Client Spring Hills Senior Communities


Spring Hills Senior Communities’ enthusiasm for Smile®, CarexTech®’s integrated communication and engagement platform, seems boundless.

® is a resident-centric solution that integrates internal and external messaging, activities, calendar and lead management capabilities... [Read More]






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